• Ex BBC. British. Distinctions English language & literature. British Education. Recording for TV, Film, Radio, Web
  • Pro sound and video studio, post production facilities operated by BBC trained engineer.
  • Not only voice but also VIP interviews from South of France

English national, British voice overs, recording studio hire (with Source-Connect), video production based in Cannes 2km, 2187 yards from the Palais des Festivals, overlooking The Mediterranean.

BBC TV trained, British national, for voice overs, in-vision HD TV interviews, post production, translation, script writing and copy-writing from Cannes.  We use Pro Tools or Vegas Pro and Source-Connect for live inserts to your studios with recording also completed here as a back up.

May 2017, second sound studio opens.

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Sound studio 2 Cannes Peter DEREK

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We also have the option of  using Source Connect so you can record in your studio and we will also record a copy here. We use FIBRE INTERNET 293 MB/s, no WiFi.

We have recorded over 4000 recordings to-date covering the Cinema, Cuisine, Technology, Smart Cities, Celebrities, Super Yachts and also voice overs for airline pilot training and luxury resort product advertising.

We also supply HD video clips from events in Cannes and in-vision interviews, video productions and of course Film Festival reports from both Cannes and Annecy with VIP interviews.  You can use use video clips from The South of France to add sunshine to your schedules. Use our studio so your voice does not need to fly home to record!

Broadcasts for CNN, Canal+, TV3, Luxe TV, France 24 in English and  RAI. Visiting voice over celebrities recording for global TV adverts covering insurance, technology, travel and more. We applaud many Olympic champions who have visited and also other World Record holders whose achievements are awe inspiring.

We can also offer voices in other languages, text translation, text from video and even -not a surprise – an English voice speaking French as in Les pubs en français avec un accent britannique. Site en Français Page d’accueil.

Visiting Cannes ? Save time and money – Now there is no need to send a film crew, book flights hotels indeed NOT even send your voice VIP back home to record an urgent voice over or programme insert.

On holiday in Cannes? No need to fly home to record your show – use our studios.

Record in our studios or use Source-Connect and stay in Cannes! Record in your host studios as if you were back home. Studios and voices. 

Demo reel – includes Bleona interview Cannes Film Festival for Canal+ and CNN

Lifestyle TV Show

LUXE TV Travel Show

FRANCE 24 English Channel Music Festival

Webnews Daily News of the Web

Voice Over Ducati Promotional Video


Add a new dimension to your TV programmes with colourful content from The Riviera, Cannes, Monaco, St Tropez. FAST TURNAROUND.

Call:  33 (0) 6 15 44 78 21


We have ALL the facilities under one roof including fibre Internet, UPS, HD editing, translators, script writers, studio engineers, male and female voices in French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and English. You can also hear the production live and give direction to the voice during the recording.

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