This is available in various forms.


– With presenter
– Or studio hire with your presenter

Recording in HD Video or sound only from our studio in Cannes. I can conduct the interview or you can provide your own presenter. The studio is staffed by a professional studio engineer.

ON LOCATION HD Video Interviews across The French Riviera

– With presenter
– On location with your presenter

On location filming, HD Video at the location chosen by the celebrity or sponsoring channel in The French Riviera, Cote D’Azur. The area has many Celebrity Homes and select holiday locations. Having lived in the area for 14 years I can recommend many locations.


This allows a celebrity to retain their confidential contact details yet still have access to any journalist or studio anywhere in the world.
The process is simple:
The celebrity calls a number in Los Angeles or London
The host studio or journalist calls a number in Los Angeles or London
The Celebrities contact details remain confidential
A two way link is established via our studio and the interview is recorded.
If required the recording can be edited.

Notes for REMOTE LINK:

Sound quality will be reduced with remote link. The service is designed to give the Celebrity access to any host studio or press worldwide and retain full control and not reveal their home number or location.
If required we can enter into a non disclosure agreement with either or both parties to protect the location details. It is understood that often a telephone will not show line details, but if using VOIP caller ID may be shown. If the connection breaks the studio remains on line for their redial.


A booking fee of £75 (104 Euros – US $ 116) is payable prior to the interview time which is non-refundable. Thereafter studio hire includes editing of the sound file if required and a two way link between both parties i.e. incoming and outgoing sound. *Exchange Rate £ Sterling as at 20 May 2015


REMOTE LINK – Save on studio costs. The journalist or host studio does not require studio recording or editing facilities or costs at their location.
Both parties can remain secure in the confidence their contact details are safe. We do not archive contact details on PC or servers in the studio. We operate strong encryption IT policies, firewalls, Anti Virus procedures with Uninterruptible Power Supply to the studio and network interfaces.

STUDIO SERVICE – Save on travel costs. No cost to send film crew to South of France

ON LOCATION RECORDING – Save on travel costs and celebrity time
Celebrity can choose location, often their private residence or hotel location in The South of France and avoid the need of traveling far to a studio for the recording.

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