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Broadcast quality English voice overs for TV Radio, web, film, corporate videos and also in vision interviews to TV.

Studios hire for your voice talent and also ADR

ALL Production resources are here for efficient productions and fast turnaround.

Voice overs : HD Video recording : Programme Direction : In vision interviews : Translation

Press Card : Post Production : In depth research for interview questions : Fluent French Speaker

A voice that is recognised gets attention to grow market share for your Channel or product.

Source Connect and Session Link Pro

Example in vision TV recordings include

Interview with the MD Sunseeker Cannes Boat Show, Cannes Film Festival and VIP interviews.

Voice overs for Air France, Ducati, Italian TV, Hi Fi products and recordings as a British voice for TelevisionFurther Services

The TV recordings are broadcast in the USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East.

Clients include CNN, Canal Plus, TV3, RAI, France 24 global English channel.

Programmes: OBSERVERS  a voice for citizen journalists who send in videos from around the world.


Click on screens in this site to view the shows on FRANCE 24 or click here.

My initial training was with the BBC engineering and I then worked at BBC TV Centre, the principal location for TV studios at that time.  Here I extended my work to cover announcing adding to work in studio operations.  Prior to this my education was in England where I gained distinctions in English and Science leading to a degree in broadcasting.

Over many years we have recorded programmes on a very wide range of subjects.

Quality, integrity, excellence to save you time when you complete your final mix.

News Programmes

A voice for News programmes – WEB NEWS, which reports on items from the Internet
Daily news programmes, fast moving, bringing news from the web and social media. Transmitted soon after the recording are completed here so we are used to working to very tight deadlines.


BON APPETIT featuring all the best in French cuisine, also ART DE VIVRE – LIFESTYLE
A British voice for TV programmes, documentaries, radio and the Internet covering Finance, Technology, Media, IT, Politics, VIP interviews, Current Affairs, Agriculture, Environment, Countryside, Sport, Motor Sport, Film Festivals, Music, The Arts, Culture, Marine, Cuisine, France, Europe and

Further Services – In camera work, Presenting, Reporting, Interviews, Scriptwriting, Press Pass, Autocue

As a TV presenter trainer for TV staff and VIP’s worldwide using Autocue Script Prompter the founder was seconded to studios worldwide and provided training on TV presenting, news reading, interviewing, so gaining even more experience with studio and outside broadcasts work to camera.  We has a UK Press Card so can access most events as required and is fluent in French so can complete interviews for French speaking content. The range of subjects covered is huge, such as, Corporate IT, Financial Markets, Cross Border Equity Trading, Settlement, Viticulture, Agriculture, Horticulture, Aboriculture, Crop growing crops with less water, Marine Design, Navigation, Safety at Sea, even Qualified YachtMaster exams!

Professional Career

The founder also completed roles as a senior manager in multi-nationals, and as manager communications and also as an expert witness for distribution of real time information. A keynote speaker at industry events in IT and The Financial Markets and a consultant for blue chip organisations. For further details please see Further Services – In camera work, Presenting, Reporting, Interviews, Scriptwriting, Press Pass, Autocue

Translation for breaking news and recording in English

Our translator is a fluent French speaker with an English mother tongue.  Texts regularly translated from French to English for voice recordings for France 24 TV news which were then sent to studio centres for mix with the video and transmission.

Freelance Journalist copy editor

Covering financial markets, technology, European affairs and culture.  (UK Press Card).
Business and technology, Current Affairs, Cuisine, Corporate IT, Financial Markets, Health, Lifestyle, Marine, Meteorology, Religion, Technology, Travel, Corporate Communications. I have a UK Press Card.


HDV 1080i video capture and digital editing facility to provide video fillers and documentaries for broadcasters and commerce. A broadcast quality SONY video camera is used for external video capture with a Cartoni Status Pro professional tripod and a Professional Focus Video Fluid Head. This broadcast quality configuration is used by broadcasters worldwide and allow professional image capture very smooth camera head movement, panning, tilting, zooming. Anything other than perfect is immediately spotted by even non trained viewers.

What is the process for a Voice Over recording?

Professional voice overs take longer than the finished programme duration, as with all TV and Radio productions – studio time is more than just the duration of the finished read or voice file. Editing takes time. We check the script, checking spelling, pronunciation using industry recognised resources and review other TV networks. We also check the length of each phrase so it fits with video timings or slide changes. We then record  the voice with the text you supplied. Then check for accuracy, phrasing, correct emphasis for clear understanding of the entire message, vocal clarity, no P “pops” or clips or cut ending consonants or external noise and all with precise time editing to fit within your time settings and or video timings if supplied.

Costs, Deposit, Payment methods, Currencies

Fees are based per hour in the studio or a fixed fee.  This checking of your text, checking for length if required to match video timings,  a voice recording of  your text. Then checks for  accuracy, phrasing and clarity, and time editing to fit with your time settings and or video timings.
A deposit is required with order but no charges are made for any changes to the recording, i.e if you request changes to tone or speed or effects. Payments can be made by Paypal, bank transfer.



We do not sell email addresses or contact information and the systems in the studio are protected by firewalls and the latest antivirus technologies. Care is taken to store all data securely such as texts and embargoed press releases.

The Studio, Broadcast quality design, Quiet, Secure, Resilient, Tuned for Breaking News

Rode and Sennheiser microphones are principally used in-studio with BBC designed active monitors and further Sennheiser monitoring.

Advanced digital mixing software Vegas Pro 11, Pro Tools, Reaper provide noise-free, clean recording and editing of sound and video at broadcast quality levels with the work timed exactly to your requirements together with detailed examination of each sound to ensure quality.

The purpose-built studios with advanced technologies ensure perfect recording of broadcast-quality sound with correct resonance and without external noise. Clean mains power supply to the studio and automatic uninterruptible power circuits allow recordings to continue at all times, to further ensure your deadlines are met.

Multi-screen viewing permits simultaneous on-line research to check pronunciation, ensure continuity with your broadcasts and option to complete breaking news or archive research on subjects in the script.

Global events mean ever-increasing lists of place and personal names in multiple languages. Validation is completed using industry recognised multi-lingual pronunciation guides and broadcast resources. This means speedy checking, accurate recording and fast turnaround for you.

Programme Captions, sub titles, Full Frame Photography

We can add digital captions, wording, credits to video and also subtitles that are intelligent in terms of changing colour or intensity and work in the scene so as to remain visible. We also have a full frame Digital SLR Canon 5D camera. This model is used by major journals and fashion houses for full cover images. So if you need images added into a video or images at the highest quality to compliment art work or brochures promoting the video or programme or service – We can provide these professional quality still images. This can be useful for a closing scene, appearing behind credits were excellent quality is needed and a match to promotional artwork or product logos.

How are the files delivered to you?

Voice and or video files are large. To send these to you we use WeTransfer or FTP, or Dropbox. For FTP please supply your server address and login user name and password. We take IT security very seriously – we also have constant anti virus and firewall updates.


Testimonials – Quality, integrity, excellence to save you time in final mix

With thousands of recordings to date with many still heard and replayed on air across the world we strive to provide the best possible service to match and provide exactly the requirements and finished recordings you seek. Saving you time in the final mix. Adding value with additional ideas and or proposals to identify/edit syntax and contribute to subject content. Huge array of subjects have been covered over the years, so we  can usually add detailed knowledge. We have never had a negative testimonial and we are totally committed with professional training and passion for our work to provide the best service.-

A true pro company, on time and they also provided script edits that we valued” TV Editor in Chief

Peter has a voice of a true Gentleman, which is what we wanted and he is right up to date” Manager Production studio France

“I thoroughly recommend Peter as he is 100 percent reliable and also picks up any points that may need correction” Director TV Channel

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