With over 3900 recordings submitted to broadcasters there is a huge range.

Examples are shown below.  Each is different of course in theme and objective with further examples covering radio commercials

not presented here as they are not yet released.

Peter Derek short demo reel

Voice for TV web news TV Tokyo

Webnews, New Mexico, Elvis

Webnews, New Mexico, Elvis mixed with studio output

Paris tourist guide for mobile telephones

Music Festival introduction

The Observers Direct – New programme from May 2013


Studio recordings available in WAV, MP3, AVI, via FTP, Dropbox and now SoundStreak is also available

When using SoundStreak, users have found better quality than ISDN using AIFF, WAV, or BWV at up to 96 KHz, 24-bit. A built-in media player allows you to load video or audio for Peter to read and perform to and plays back takes in perfect synch for review. In BWV output, timecode from backing media is automatically embedded. All you need is the free Soundstreak download and a computer.

Production can participate from anywhere with just a laptop and a broadband connection.

Selected takes are automatically transferred in the background while you work. Session records are automatically emailed to you, Production, with broadcast quality recordings stored on FTP server space that you, Production, control

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