Do you want to launch a product? Do you need to correct a newspaper report?

Do you want to get your voice heard? Do you want to record a message on YouTube? 

But you don’t have the equipment to make a professional video, a good script, a winning sales approach? You might think you need your own TV studio, cameras, microphones, script writers…..the list goes on.

How do you get your voice heard….without your own studio? Well now you can! With our new service and experience of over 4000 recordings and TV interviews we can help. We interview you on Skype in English or French, edit the recording and send it to you for approval.

A programme, just like the ones you see on your national TV stations is prepared, but this time the topic is your topic.

Once edited and complete, we send the file to you for posting on YouTube and social media for national and international distribution.

(We can also provide the interview in text, in perfect English, so that you can send it to newspapers and or post on your chosen web site).

So that customers, or journalists or distributors can reach you, we can place your contact details in the programme credits at the end of the video.

So now relax…. YOU CAN:

Put the record straight
Speak out with your view on a subject
Launch a product
Record a webinar
Present a product demonstration


1) We prepare and send you the proposed interview questions
2) We record the Skype call with you – sound or sound and vision
3) We edit the recording to make it into a TV programme
4) You view and approve it
5) It is then ready to be published on line and in social media and YouTube
6) Optional extra – If you want a transcript, we can send you the document

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